27 Shtator 2022

University of Prishtina Master programme on Advanced European Studies aims to provide students with specialized and advanced knowledge and skills related to the European Union, its functions and policies.

The program is designed to prepare students to become future experts on EU law and policies, and, as such, to give their contribution in the overall EU integration processes in the Republic of Kosovo and/or the countries they come from. 

The distinctiveness of this program is multi-fold, ranging from its multi-disciplinary courses, offering insights from the perspective of political science, international relations, law and economics, all of them taught in English by a myriad of skilled professionals in these areas.

The programme offers unique and specialized courses, not offered within other comparable programmes in the country and the region, taught with a modern student-cantered approach and methodology.

The courses are taught by Professors of International Law Department, with guest lectures and contributions from other professors, officials and experts in the areas of law, political science and economics in Kosovo and abroad.


Programme content


The programme offers courses covering the following areas and topics:

  • EU History, Politics and Institutions;
  • EU Legal System and Law;
  • EU Private International Law;
  • EU External Action;
  • EU Environmental, Consumer, Competition Law and Policy;
  • Jurisprudence of EU Court of Justice;


The students enrolled in this programme can also benefit from credits accrued in the Programme of Legal Clinics and International Competitions, within the Faculty of Law.


Admission requirements


Another unique aspect of this programme is that it is open to admission of students with a university degree, with a minimum of 240 ECTS, on Law, Economics, Political Science, Public Administration, Philosophy and social sciences.

Applicants will undergo an admissions test in writing, in English, with questions on the areas of European Union Law, Public International Law and Theory of International Law. Final admissions decision is based on the prior success/GPA in University Studies (maximum of 30 points) and the admissions test (maximum of 70 points).


Further information on this programme can be requested at [HERE]