Institute for Legal Research and Studies

The Institute for Legal Research and Studies (ILRS), was established within the Law Faculty of the University of Prishtina pursuant to articles 13 and 65 of the Statute of the University. The organization and the functioning of the ILRS is set-forth by the Regulation on the Institute for Legal Research and Studies (No. Protoc. 314 of 7 February 2014).
ILRS is an autonomous public institute of higher education within the Law Faculty, which develops legal research and studies, and provides professional advice in the field of law. ILRS has the following objectives:
-    To support and advance the development and sustainability of legal research and studies;
-    To develop and advance human capacities for legal scientific research;
-    To advance the infrastructure for legal research and studies;
-    To implement and promote legal knowledge in other scientific fields;
-    To strengthen the internationalization of legal research.
ILRS, based on its legal mandate and with the aim of fulfilling its mission and vision, has foreseen a number of activities. Main activities are:
-    Implementation and support of legal research and studies;
-    Support of the academic staff of the faculty for their academic advancement;
-    Proposals for advancement of study curriculum and programs;
-    Implementation of analysis and expertise in the field of law;
-    Organization of seminars, conferences, workshops, and trainings in the legal field;
-    Promotion and advancement of the faculty’s scientific journal;
-    Enrichment of the faculty’s library with contemporary literature.