Scientific Research

The Law Faculty enjoys a solid reputation in the field of scientific research. Most of its academic staff are renowned authorities in their specific fields, whereas a number of them enjoy an international reputation for their scientific expertise. Most of the academic staff have a number of works published in international scientific journals, most of which are indexed in the Web of Science and SCOPUS. Some of the members are also authors of university books and/or monographs published in publishing houses of range A. The Law Faculty is currently making serious efforts to further incentivize its academic staff with the aim of increasing the efforts for international publications in foreign languages, in order to develop the international component as well as expand the scope of its impact.

The Dean’s Office has approved a four-year strategic program which encompasses an important emphasis on the scientific research component. Some of the aims of this component are already public and encompass the increase of the mobility of the academic staff with sister universities in the developed world, the establishment of the research-in-progress seminars as a window for making available findings of current research carried out by the academic staff, organization of conferences on scientific topics, design and development of scientific projects supported by international scientific funds in the emerging fields on the labor market (i.e. technology development, privacy law, competition law, and free trade agreements, etc.).

The Dean’s Office has called upon the Council to publish on regular basis scientific work of the academic staff, in international journals with indexing in Web of Science and Scopus and publishing houses of level A (OUP, CUP, Brill, Springer, De Gruyter, Hart, etc.). It has also presented a concrete plan for deep reforms in post-doctoral studies with special emphasis in doctoral studies which entails a merit-based recruitment process, and development of scientific potential for doctoral students.
As one of the important preconditions for the advancement of the scientific research and internationalization of this component, the Law Faculty is oriented towards recruitment of the new academic staff which aims and bringing onboard lawyers who graduated from renowned world universities.