Vision of the Law Faculty

The Faculty of Law strives to become an environment of advanced scientific thought in the legal field, in pursuit of best practices of scientific research, and contribute to the enlightenment of modern phenomenon of the law through publication of research findings in scientific journals with credible indexing and world-renowned publishing houses. Teaching and learning processes in line with a standard based thoroughly on critical thinking, and a balanced approach between knowledge and research skills required in the contemporary labor market, are also fundamental goals aspired by our institution.
Viewed from historical perspective, the Law Faculty is well-acquainted with problems and gaps with which it has been associated for years in terms of the quality of teaching, the continuous defect in relation to the quality and the lack of internationalization of research products, lack of continuous academic mobility, and above all, non-transferable skills that have accompanied the career of many graduates. The first effort towards building a vision that will transform the Law Faculty is the acknowledgment of the abovementioned reality; therefore our vision is to undertake a serious reform that changes the actual situation and places it in an analytic sphere of future planning. The Law Faculty does not aspire to become a local center of thought and learning; we see the future through the lenses of internationalization and referral to the best law faculties in the world, literature contribution with global value and the weight that undergoes through co-authoring filters of evaluation by internationally renowned professors. We do not see the teaching as a routine profession, where everything that is taught remains in a status quo. The modern approach towards competition in the knowledge market, market and labor demands, development of perspective beyond borders and participation in the global market are only some of the perspectives on which the vision of the Law Faculty is based.
The Dean’s Office, the academic staff and the entire student community of the Law Faculty are aware of the need for a substantial change, and are convinced that there is no future without undergoing a self-improvement process, and are aware of the fact that the students’ career shall be based on contemporary knowledge and skills; whereas the academic staff must be an example of the intellectual and the scientific capacity that surfaces through publications in globally renowned international journals and publishing houses.