The Law Faculty is working in several directions to strengthen its international presence: a) by developing jointly with the academic staff cooperation initiatives with sister universities in the world, and promoting student and academic staff mobility with these universities; b) by streamlining initiatives within the Rectorate of the University of Prishtina with the aim of benefiting more opportunities from actual international cooperation schemes (i.e. ERASMUS, Fulbright, etc.); c) by arranging joint application with other sister universities to scientific projects in the European level and beyond; and d) by developing joint programs in foreign languages with sister universities in the world through the opening of opportunities for incoming foreign students to our institution.
The cooperation component is led by the Dean’s Office, based on the substantial role of the academic staff.
Specific objectives of the international cooperation component are:
-    Strengthening of international cooperation through the establishment of structures that manage this component, and by organizing the academic staff to strengthen their international initiatives;
-    Development of joint study programs with sister universities, and strengthening the mobility of academic staff with these universities;
-    Strengthening of the presence of the Law Faculty in the existing international schemes of the Rectorate of the UP;
-    Establishment of teams that manage the international cooperation component among academic staff and students of the Faculty;
-    Strengthening of the cooperation with the law faculties in the region with the aim of networking of efforts that address common objectives.
- Agreements with other universities- the University of Prishtina and the Law Faculty has many many national and international cooperation agreements. Some of the recent international agreements are with: Universita degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Paris Nanterre, France, Munster-Germany, Graz-Austria; Bialystok-Poland, Czech Republic, and other universities in the U.S. such as Ohio Northern University, Arizona State University, Chicago Kent Law School, University of Pittsburgh School of Law, the University of Iowa.
The University of Prishtina and the Law Faculty work towards reaching new international agreements with other renowned universities. In full coordination with the Rectorate of the University of Prishtina, the Law Faculty aims and developing standard procedures for the establishment of nuclear teams in order to be able to compete and benefit from international mobility projects.

- Agreements with other national and international public institutions

In addition to the international cooperation with foreign universities, the focus of the Law Faculty is also cooperation with national and international public institutions with the aim of preparation of professional staff for the labor market.
In this regard, the Law Faculty has already reached several agreements with public institutions within Kosovo. The most concrete example is the Agreement between the Law Faculty of the University of Prishtina and the Kosovo Assembly for the facilitation of the provision of expertise of the academic staff of the Law Faculty for the parliamentary committees of the Kosovo Assembly, and joint organization of annual conferences.
The Law Faculty has cooperation agreements with other public institutions such as the Ministry of Justice, Judicial Council, Prosecutorial Council, Justice Academy, Chamber of Advocates, etc., and other national and international organizations.