Faculty’s History

The Law Faculty was established on June 23, 1961, as a higher education institution in Kosovo, initially known as the Faculty of Law and Economics, a designation held until 1970. From 1971 until today, the Law Faculty functions as an academic unit within the University of Prishtina (UP), which organizes bachelor (LL.B.), master (LL.M.) and doctoral (Ph.D.) studies. At the Law Faculty, studies are conducted according to a four-year system. Postgraduate studies were opened in 1974/75, initially in the Administrative-Political department and in the Civil Law department, and as of 1984/85 academic year, in the Criminal Law Department as well.

During the period 1991-1999, the Law Faculty of the University of Prishtina, as well as other educational institutions were attacked by Serbian state forces, which resulted in the violent suppression of the teaching process in the Albanian language, and the forced removal of professors, associates, administrative staff and Albanian students from their premises. The Faculty of Law, as well as the entire University of Prishtina, during this period, continued the teaching process in private homes. After the end of the war, in 1999, the Faculty of Law started working on its own building, which was damaged, without inventory, without a library, demolished halls, etc. The faculty continues to work in these facilities today, but now with a new and continuously improved infrastructure.

Throughout this period, since the beginning of its work, the Faculty of Law has produced numerous staff, which have made an irreplaceable contribution in the field of legal science, judiciary, prosecution, administration, politics, and national issues and state formation and state-building. The Faculty of Law is the first institution of higher education in Kosovo to offer the education of lawyers in the legal education system, despite facing many challenges.
The Law Faculty, like all other faculties of the University of Prishtina have seriously approached an intensive and continuous process of education reform, in accordance with the most advanced European and international standards of higher education.
Currently the Law Faculty has over 5000 students, at all levels (bachelor, master, and doctorate).